CEO’s greetings

Dear reader,

Industrial compressed air production causes a significant burden to the environment. Industry consumes almost 50% of all electricity produced globally. Producing compressed air consumes 10 percent of industrial electricity. Consequently, almost 5% of all electricity produced globally each year, about 1400 TWh, is used to produce industrial compressed air. The growth of industry and the strong increase in automation increase the use of compressed air by approximately 5.8 percent annually, which also increases the consumption of electricity., because 5 per cent of the world’s electricity consumption is used to produce industrial compressed air.

Industrial companies around the world have acknowledged that our environment can no longer be burdened in the way it currently is. There is a need to find technologies that support sustainable development and climate goals for industrial use, and thus a balance between economic and environmental goals.

The founding idea of Tamturbo from the beginning has been to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to producing compressed air globally. We have come a long way from the establishment year 2010 in terms of development, growth, and recognition to become the global forerunner in industrial compressed technology and a globally recognized actor.

Today Tamturbo is a Finnish growth and an energy saving company with an established customer base of global industry leading companies, and Tamturbo’s net sales growth is continuous. We deliver state of the art, efficient, economically sustainable compressed air technology to the industry globally. With the technology the customer receives the lowest total cost of ownership for compressed industrial air in the market.

Tamturbo’s oil-free compressed air compressors are the result of our unique and advanced technology and innovative design work. Our technology  exceeds old industrial air compressor technologies both in terms of performance and with significantly lower life cycle costs.

The Tamturbo technology differs from the dominating market technology in being sustainably designed. Our 100 per cent oil-free compressed air compressor is long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free, energy- and material-efficient and completely remotely monitored and controlled. It significantly saves both the environment and our customers’ money, while helping them to move towards circular economy. Compared to traditional compressor technology, Tamturbo turbo compressor provides the customer with substantial, measurable savings in electricity and maintenance costs during the life cycle and high reliability in the production process. It is also possible to implement our compressed air solution as an Air-as-a-Service business model, where our customers only pay for the compressed air produced without investing in the compressor unit itself.

Our customer base is constantly growing – 60% of our orders come from existing customers, and 40% from new customers underscoring the satisfaction and trust our clients have in the reliability and performance of our technology. Our key persons and shareholders are committed to the long-term development of the company. Our goal is to continue the strong growth with the help of our global sales network and strategic partnerships.

The Tamturbo 2023 financial results show a strong net sales growth trajectory. The scalability of Tamturbo business model is proven by revenue and gross margins growing at a significantly higher rate than fixed costs.

By investing in Tamturbo, you can make a real contribution to a better future for the generations to come.

Join the Finnish industrial growth story and make an investment that has a real environmental impact!”

Igor Nagaev
Tamturbo Plc.