Growth drivers and megatrends

  • The industry’s need to improve productivity, increase automation and robotics, and at the same time reduce carbon dioxide emissions and achieve environmental sustainability goals.
  • The increased regulation in the field of sustainable development.
  • The Increased need for clean compressed air.
  • Continuously rising energy prices.
  • The technological breakthrough towards more energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Tamturbo strategy cornestones

Revolutionizing the established technology –Tamturbo’s solution improves customers’ productivity and environmental friendliness by reducing costs and energy consumption.

Growth – 60% of the growth comes from current customers, whose renewals of old compressors are a significant growth potential. 40% of the growth comes from new customers who are convinced of the superiority of Tamturbo’s technology in terms of energy and cost savings based on measurable data.

Profitability – The Company is aiming to reach a 20% operating profit margin in medium-term. The solution is also sold with the Air-as-a-Service business model, which generates continuous revenue.

Market choice – Focusing on products with the largest market. Commitment to the industry’s highest market standards. We serve industries where oil-freeness and reliability are critical.

The Company’s targeted areas of focus for growth

  • Large sales potential to current global customers.
  • Technology leadership and active implementation of technology change.
  • Technology that best promotes customers’ sustainable development goals.
  • The cheapest technology on the market in terms of life cycle costs.
  • Producing compressed air with Air-as-a-Service, for which Tamturbo’s technology is perfectly suited.
  • Easy implementation and scalability of the technology for different production facilities.