Why to invest in Tamturbo

Tamturbo’s key strengths

Tamturbo operates in fast-growing, existing global markets, and the Company’s growth is supported by global megatrends. Tamturbo’s strategy is strongly based on both direct sales to large customers and rapid growth through sales partnerships. The scalability of the Company’s business, strategic partnerships with the most important subcontractors and technology suppliers enable the Company to achieve controlled growth according to the Company’s management view.

Existing industrial growth market

Compressed air is needed in almost all industrial processes to power up machines, equipment and automation, as well as for moving materials related to production processes in different ways:

  • As industrial automation increases, the consumption of compressed air increases by approximately 5.8 percent per year.
  • A technological breakthrough is underway in the industrial medium-pressure compressor market.
  • Customers are looking for more cost- and energy-efficient and low-maintenance alternatives to current technology.
  • There is room for a challenger in the market, as the oil-free compressed air market is dominated by the Swedish Atlas Copco with its traditional “oil-free” screw compressor technology.
  • The threshold to enter the industry is high due to the demanding nature of new technology development.

Tamturbo meets the demands of industry and sustainability

Tamturbo is an industrial cleantech growth company that, with its oil-free compressed air solution, enables production processes that are cleaner and, in the Company’s opinion, more energy-efficient and cause less carbon dioxide emissions, which meets the requirements of sustainable development:

  • According to the company, the lowest life cycle cost, 20-30 percent lower than “oil-free” screw compressors.
  • 100 percent oil-free air, no risk of compressed air contamination.
  • According to the company’s opinion, better, and permanent, energy efficiency throughout the life of the compressor.
  • Virtually maintenance-free technology.
  • Savings in waste management, no oil waste, no oily condensate or oil separation costs.
  • Compact size, space saving. The customer’s threshold to switch from traditional technology to Tamturbo’s technology is very low, because the devices are smaller in size and the electrical and plumbing connections are in accordance with standards.

Next generation compressor technology

Tamturbo Touch-Free™ technology is based on active magnetic bearings, high-speed electric motors adjustable in rotation speed, and turbo technology, and offers customers the following concrete benefits:

  • Completely oil-free compressors enable oil-free production processes.
  • Lower production costs as a result of minimized life cycle costs and less downtime for maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly option thanks to energy efficiency and oil-free technology.

Scalable and flexible business model

A flexible sales and supply chain enables efficient scaling of the business:

  • Sales to large customers are scaled effectively – According to the Company’s management, the Company’s current customers already have a total of approximately 10,000 compressed air compressors in more than 1,500 different factories. In addition, the Company is in ongoing negotiations with dozens of potential customers.
  • Tamturbo has a global network of strategic sales and partners, through which the Company’s technology is effectively sold and marketed around the world in addition to its own large customer sales.
  • According to the company’s management, the company has the ability to scale its annual production capacity to hundreds of compressors in accordance with the growth of customer demand without the need for significant additional investments.

The Air-as-a-Service service model enables the purchase of compressed air as a service easily and reliably without investing in a compressor device

  • The Air-as-a-Service contract can be based on the compressed air used or a fixed monthly fee
  • Remote monitoring 24/7
  • Transferable container solutions

Global customer base

The current customer base includes the world’s leading industrial manufacturers in various industries, such as:
  • food and beverage industry
  • pulp and paper industry
  • electronics industry
  • parts manufacturing for the automotive industry
  • glass industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • chemical industry
  • textile industry
In addition, the Company is seeking new customers from the pharmaceutical and medical industries as well as the automotive industry.
Tamturbo has received follow-up orders from several of its important customers for the customer’s other factories.

Experienced and committed management and Board of Directors

The experienced management and the board are committed to the Company’s long-term development.

  • Senior management and key personnel have solid experience in the compressor business, growing global sales and, among other things, building distribution channels and OEM partnerships.
  • Experienced customer representatives with a strong background in compressor sales in Europe, North and South America and Asia.