Tamturbo as an investment

Founded in 2010, Tamturbo is developing, manufacturing and selling completely oil-free industrial turbo compressors. With Tamturbo’s technology, significant and measurable cost and energy savings are achieved during the entire life cycle of the device, and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. Tamturbo drives the inevitable change towards more sustainable and profitable industrial processes revolutionizing the way compressed air is produced in industry.

Tamturbo’s customer base includes the world’s leading industrial manufacturers in various industries. The Tamturbo technology and the growing demand of oil-free industrial compressed air is offering growth potential both in the existing global customers and other companies with industrial plants in need of modern solutions to deliver reliability and cost & energy savings.

Tamturbo operates in fast-growing, existing global markets, and the Company’s growth is supported by global megatrends. Tamturbo’s strategy is strongly based on both direct sales to large customers and rapid growth through sales partnerships. The scalability of the Company’s business, strategic partnerships with the most important subcontractors and technology suppliers enable the Company to achieve controlled growth according to the Company’s management view.